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Study Tips & Strategies

Academic Study Tips: Links You Can Use…

These websites offers academic support tips, tools and links to assist you in your academic courses at Delaware State University. The Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA)?Program focuses on building skills to be a successful student-athlete, to adjust to the many transitions during the undergraduate experience.? Please feel free to scroll down to the desired subject heading website, and click on it.

For additional information, visit the Integrated Academic Support Services located at the W.C. Jason Library on the 2nd floor, or visit the webpage.

For resources, outside of the campus see the links below:

  • Online Writing Lab:?
  • Kahn Academy,
  • Additional Study Skills:?


  • This site is designed for students of all ages. Gives different approaches to studying in a very simple way and includes examples on techniques involved:??
  • This site has a ton of material on many areas of study:??
    • Includes test-taking approaches
    • Includes Math, Science, Writing and Reading basics
    • Science links include Lab safety and how to write lab reports
    • Math includes solving linear equations and practice tests
  • This site provides a?Learning Styles Chart:?
  • This site provides On-line Academic success and learning strategy videos:


  • This site provides lower level math help. However, helps with simple concepts such as percent’s, practical math, statistics, geometry, and exponents:?
  • “Ask Dr. Math,” Questions and answers about various math topics:?
  • This site provides math reference links, including Internet Mathematics Library for College and Grad level students:?
  • This site helps with beginning, college, and intermediate algebra which include over 100 different tutorials that range from help with multiplication to graphing inequalities:??
  • This site provides step- by- step explanations for topics in calculus. Also includes calculus applets and animations. In addition, provides links to sample exams from colleges and?universities from the United States and tips for preparing for a calculus exam:?
  • This site contains tutorials in flash player (flash is needed). It is described in easy to understand terms. The site is currently adding more information, so only topics from limits to The Chain Rule are available:?
  • This site consists of java applets that help with understanding algebraic, trigonometric, geometric, and calculus topics:?


  • This site provides a breakdown of chemistry topics usually found in high school and beginning chemistry courses; Provides charts and diagrams:?
  • This site provides Physics terms:?
  • This site provides general physics information aimed at high school and college students:?
  • This site provides interactive problems using java and flash involving general physics concepts from friction to Einstein’s theory of relativity:?
  • This site provides tutorials and in-depth explanations for many topics found in high school and college level biology:?