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General Education Committee

The General Education Committee consists of faculty from all Colleges and diverse departments.? Faculty members are elected by the Faculty Senate.


  • 吉林快3回血计划Dr. Andrew Lloyd, CMNST

  • 吉林快3回血计划Dr. Susmita Roye, English

  • 吉林快3回血计划Dr. Myrna Nurse, English

  • Dr. Bridget Anakwe, COB

  • Dr. Marshal Stevenson, Global Societies

  • Dr. Gulnihal Ozbay,?CARS

  • Dr. Edward Dawley, CAHSS

  • Dr. Elaine Marker, CEHPP

  • Dr. Nicola Edwards, Mathematics

  • Dr. Alexa Silver, History

  • Dr. Maurice Suggs, COB

  • Dr. Bettina Taylor, CARS