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Library Programs & Services

吉林快3回血计划The library is home to various programs and services to assist students and faculty in their academic pursuits.

Library Online Tutorials and Courses

Our online tutorials and courses cover a range of topics that guide you through using our resources and services. You must self-enroll in order to access any tutorials or?courses.

DSU Archives

吉林快3回血计划The archival collections include historic photographs, yearbooks, school newspapers, course catalogs, business papers of administrative offices, rare books and special?collections.

Digital Collection and Exhibits

We use digital technology to collect, preserve and provide access to information. Our digital collections are open to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general?public.

Student Resources

As a student, you will be visiting the library quite often. These resources should help you get the most out of all the library has to offer.

Catalog Search Tips

吉林快3回血计划Search tips will help you find exactly what you are looking?for.

Information Literacy

The ability to locate what information is needed, and how to apply that information to what you are working on is a necessary skill to lead a successful academic?career.

Request New Books

Submit a request to add to the library’s?collection.

Student FAQs

吉林快3回血计划We have anticipated your questions and provided information to answer?them.

Library Services and Resources

吉林快3回血计划Here is a comprehensive list of services to assist your?needs.

Newly Acquired Titles

Preview newly acquired library materials (Books?& DVDs) added to the?collection.

Faculty Resources

吉林快3回血计划The library is also home to services aimed specifically at faculty.

Faculty Course Reserve

吉林快3回血计划Faculty can reserve certain titles at the library that act as a companion to their course material.

Faculty Course Reserve FAQ

We have anticipated your questions and provided information to answer them.

Quick Links & Social Media

Stay connected with the library all the time.?Utilize this list of resources?to find what you need.


E-Books are a convenient tool for distance learners to perform research?remotely.

Renew Books Online

Find instructions on how to . You are able to renew books online twice, unless they are overdue or requested by other?customers.

Distance Learner Library Services

吉林快3回血计划For students who cannot be on campus, there is still the possibility of using all the tools offered at the?library.

Accessing Electronic Resources

吉林快3回血计划Learn how to correctly gain access to .

Library Tutorials

吉林快3回血计划Find a demonstrating how to use library?resources.

Library Guides

吉林快3回血计划Use this of guides to assist your?needs.

Library Forms

吉林快3回血计划Your one stop shop for all .

Directory of Library Collections

Locate what you need?efficiently.

Additional Library Resources

吉林快3回血计划Learn more about our library and the services we?offer.


Connect with us on for all the latest?updates.

Wordpress Blog

吉林快3回血计划Read more about the library’s latest news in the .

YouTube Channel

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