Student Course Evaluations Syllabus Statement

In an effort to increase response rates of the online student course evaluations, the Center for Teaching and Learning encourages?the following statement to be incorporated in all course syllabi.

Student Course Evaluations

Student course evaluations provide an opportunity for students to provide critical feedback about the course and its instructor.? These evaluations are completely anonymous and cannot be linked back to a specific student.? Students are encouraged to be honest about all aspects of the course and its instructor.? The reports complied from these evaluations are reviewed by the appropriate instructor, Chair and Dean.? They are used for the purpose of evaluating the teaching techniques of instructors as well as the possible re-design of courses and/or curriculums.??Students will receive an email from The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) once the evaluations are available.? If you have questions regarding course evaluations, please contact the CTL at (302) 857-6140 or CTLCourseEvals [at]